• Purchase Options

    There are two main paths to installing a solar energy system at your facility.

    Power Purchase Agreement – A “PPA” is a way to have a solar energy array installed with no capital outlays. The customer reaps the benefits of Green Power and reduced utility bills while a third party owns, operates, and maintains the system long term. You only purchase the energy that you consume from that system while assuming none of the ownership risk.

    PPAs also make sense for non-profits and institutions that cannot utilize the tax incentives that make the investment in renewable energy projects affordable.

    Outright Purchase – To purchase a system outright can be a great challenge. However the investment in a solar energy system can provide years of solid returns. Seven Seas can help you implement projects that will have payback periods between 4-7 years depending on the custom design. Each system is unique, but benefits are always positive.

    Our experts can help you determine which technique is right for your particular situation. Contact us today!

  • Renewable Resource Analysis

    Each site has different natural resource components: solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, etc. Each of these needs to be analyzed for the specific property to determine the best renewable energy potential for the site and balance that against the incentives available to provide the best return on investment. We believe that all sustainable strategies should be reviewed and analyzed. The strategy implemented should have the best return on investment and the best environmental impact.

  • Sustainable Strategy Analysis

    Each property should be reviewed for energy efficiency, construction and redevelopment methods, renewable energy, and other sustainable strategies. The analyzed strategies are then sorted by return on investment and the strategies which make the most economic sense are implemented first.

    We hope that the property owner will then take some of the realized savings to implement the next best strategy, thus creating a sustainable methodology.

  • Project Development

    We can provide analysis, design, permitting, project management, commissioning, and long-term operation of the strategies to be implemented. Analysis includes the two analyses outlined above as well as the evaluation of incentives and the ability of the client to construct, operate, and finance projects. Analysis creates a game plan ordering sustainable strategies into the best economic and environmental impact scenarios. If this analysis is repeated after the first implementation cycle then you can take advantage of the changing technology, market forces, and pricing available. By repeating these steps, a sustainable process is created.

    Our engineering staff along with affiliated companies will create the optimum design for the chosen technology, customer, and property constraints. Permitting, project management, and commissioning are all part of the services we can provide. We install every project as if we are going to own and operate it ourselves.